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PP Non Woven Bags

PP Non Woven Bags

Branded PP Non-Woven Bags are 100{174b315e54b4655dbab378aa97637ad326d062f4b386d62b51fc6c5cfeace70b} bespoke to your size and print design. Even though the bags look like textile, they are in fact made from spun bonded polypropylene, commonly known as PP, which is a by product of crude oil.

The material is recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.

PP Non-Woven Bags Key attributes:

Strong, durable, cushioning, soft, liquid repellent, eco friendly, reusable.

Ideal for Government councils, grocery retailers, public bodies, promoting recycling and other environmental initiatives.

Specification: PP non-woven
Choice of sizes Made to order
Printing 4 colour process
Colour Dyed to order
Order Quantity Min. 3000
Material 80-100gsm
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We use 100% recyclable polythene and recycle all our waste.