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Mailing Bags

Mailing Bags

Mailing Bags come in all sizes and colours, they are usually of a good strength and thickness to ensure their ability to carry your products and project a professional image.

The best way to project a professional image is to print onto your mailing bags with your unique corporate identity thereby promoting your brand to everyone who see’s your printed mailing bags.

Mailing Bags are becoming more and more popular with the advance of online shopping, they are now used in the delivery in most products from clothing to electronics and even household items.

Companies ranging from one man to multi nationals are using the bags in either plain format (which tent to be cheaper and conceal the contents) or a patterned design, however many larger organisations and brands are using bespoke printed mailing bags.

The bag to the left is designed for the delivery and general carrying of garments, as you can see the top of the mailing bag has a carry handle, whilst the bottom of the bag has a standard adhesive sealing strip on it providing a strong seal and closure of the bag.

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