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Printed Carrier Bag Products

Red printed carrier bag

Here at Bags Online, we specialise in creating high quality printed carrier bags in a range of materials and styles. Our range of materials includes (but is not limited to) plastic carrier bags, paper bags, laminated and fabric bags – so no matter what style, shape or size you are wanting, we can provide you with high quality printed carrier bags which will be a great addition to your company branding.

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Printed Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastic is often the material of choice for carrier bags due to its strength and the fact that it is cheap to buy compared to other materials such as laminated paper and fabric. No matter what industry you operate in, and therefore how the bags are going to be used, it is important that the quality is maintained throughout all styles.

Here at Bags Online, we specialise in high quality plastic bags which can be branded to help align your marketing.

Printed Paper Carrier Bags

Paper bags are becoming increasingly popular as more retailers are making an effort to reduce plastic use. They are ideal for clothing retailers and grocery stores as they offer a one-use option which can be recycled.

Not only are paper bags environmentally friendly, they also look great and can be customised using different colours and print designs to promote your brand.

Alternative materials

Other options for your printed carrier bags include laminated bags, fabric bags, mailing bags and bags for life. All of these have their own benefits, and can be great alternatives to the traditional plastic and paper bags.

Laminated bags are ideal for high end retailers as they offer a stylish look and can be fully customised using colours, logos, patters and even full images.

Fabric bags are a great alternative to traditional material as they are reusable, and therefore are often used as ‘Bags for Life’.

Mailing bags are made from thin plastic, and are commonly used as delivery packaging for online retailers.

Bags for life are usually available in large supermarkets and are a great alternative to plastic as they have a much lower carbon footprint and can be reused over and over again.

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If you think your business could benefit from high quality carrier bags, we offer a range of options from one use bags to bags for life. See our full range of products, or get in contact with us on 0115 941 0600 to find out more about how we can create printed carrier bags which will add to your branding.

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