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Flexiloop Handle Carrier Bags

Flexiloop Handle Carrier Bags

The flexiloop handle bag is a polythene plastic bag, similar to the aperture but of a higher quality. Our flexiloop handle bags are available in a range of colours so that you are sure to be happy with the end result, because we understand that the look of a bag is equally as important as the quality.

This bag’s reusable qualities make it a reasonably priced “bag for life”, supplied with a soft loop handle and available in many sizes, materials and colours. It is perceived as a better quality alternative to aperture and patch handle bags.

Block bottom style side gussets flexi-loop handle carrier bags available on an imported basis. These are the most popular with retail fashion outlets. These are produced in house at our Nottingham factory, so a great deal of flexibility is available.


Specification: Polythene / Flexiloop / LDPE / HDPE
Choice of sizes Min. size 254 x 305. Max. size 660 x 610 + gusset.
Printing Process (T.O.T Style) from 5000. 100{174b315e54b4655dbab378aa97637ad326d062f4b386d62b51fc6c5cfeace70b} coverage available
Colour Large range of film colours
Order Quantity Min. 1000 2 sides in 4 colours
Min. 1000 Variloop in 180/360, 200/400 & 250/500 (White only)
Min. 5000 100{174b315e54b4655dbab378aa97637ad326d062f4b386d62b51fc6c5cfeace70b} coverage
5000 upwards Min. size 254 x 305
Material 180 – 400 mono gauge and varigauge 180/360 – 250/500
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