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Clip Close Handle Carrier Bags

Clip Close Handle Carrier Bags

Standard or heavy duty polythene. Fitted with rigid plastic handles that clip close to protect the bag’s content from the elements.

This style has proved popular for many years.

Delivery from UK is 3 – 4 weeks.
For larger quantities of Clip Close Handle Carrier Bags and competitive prices, bags are sourced from overseas.

Specification: Polythene / Clip close
Choice of sizes 203 x 305 up to 610 x 610 + 102. Side gusset available
Printing Spot Colour. No process printing. Max. 45dpi. No graduation tones
Colour 1 colour up to 8 colours inc. 4 colour process
Order Quantity Min. 1000 2 sides, 4 colours
Min. 1000 254 x 305
Min. 5000 100{174b315e54b4655dbab378aa97637ad326d062f4b386d62b51fc6c5cfeace70b} coverage
Material LD 300-400 gauge
Delivery UK 3-4 weeks Import 6-8 weeks
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We use 100% recyclable polythene and recycle all our waste.